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Got-it? Products

Bathroom Safety Products

  • Bath Lifts (20 products)

    Bath lifts are used to help people transfer into and out of the bathtub for safer bathing.

  • Lighting Controls (2 products)

    Lighting controls are used to adjust the amount of lighting in a room.

    • Dimmer Switches (3 products)

      Dimmer switches are lighting controls that are used to adjust the level of light within a room, from nearly dark to fully lit.

  • Grab Bars (16 products)

    Grab bars provide a railing for balance or stability when changing positions within an environment (for example into the bathtub from the toilet) to help reduce the risk of falling.

  • Transfer Benches (10 products)

    To help people move from one surface to another by sliding instead of standing, for example transferring from a wheelchair into the bathtub or onto a toilet.

  • Anti-Slip (15 products)

    To provide a non-slip surface to a bathtub to improve safety and reduce the risk of slipping.

  • Toilet Seats (12 products)

    Used to raise the height of the toilet seat to make it easier to sit down onto and stand up from the toilet.

  • Commodes (17 products)

    Commodes are beneficial to individuals who cannot get to a bathroom or cannot sit on toliets.

  • Water Temperature Controls (6 products)

    Water Temperature Controls either alert the user when water temperature is hot, regulate and maintain a set temperaure or act as a scald guard.

  • Shower Chairs (24 products)

    Shower chairs are placed in the shower to increase comfort and safety by allowing individuals the ability to sit while showering.

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