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Welcome to our new website!

This is a new website that we are testing as a central place for you to find and input information about how well assistive technologies work, in order to help other people learn about different products that may or may not be useful for them. We are interested in learning about product safety, quality, performance, and effectiveness.

As a start, we have included the following types of products: bathroom safety equipment, including bath lifts, lighting controls, grab bars, transfer benches, anti-slip products, raised toilet seats, commodes, water temperature controls, and shower chairs.

We encourage you to rate any bathroom safety equipment that you have used or have experience with, including both products that have worked well as those that have not. You can also look up products that other people have rated to help you make a decision on the best products for your needs.

We invite you to fill out a brief survey about the Got-it? website located at: We greatly appreciate any product ratings you provide and any feedback about the website that you can share with us!

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The University or R2D2 Center make no endorsement, representation, or warranty express or implied as to any product, device, or information set forth in the Got-it? web site.

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