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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register to report on a product?

The Got-it? website is for users of equipment (or the people who help them use the equipment). We don’t want companies coming in and “stacking the deck” with positive reports on their products.

Do I have to be the user of the device to give feedback?

No. We realize that there are many people who live and work with individuals who use assistive equipment. If you think that the piece of equipment your friend is using is flimsy or awkward or that it gets in the way, and your friend doesn’t think it is bad enough to mention, your opinion is valuable to us as well.

Why do you have product questions and research questions?

Product questions provide ratings of device characteristics. Questions like: Did it break? Was it easy to clean? These are basic opinions. Research questions help us to determine additional factors about why a product did or did not work for you. For example, if you were sent home from the hospital with a walker and no one taught you to use it properly, you might respond that you didn’t use it very often or that you didn’t like it. You might have used it more or liked it more if someone showed you that the walker folds up easily and can be taken along in a car with you, giving you more opportunities to get out in the community. We are getting more personal information with the research questions.

Is my identity protected?

Absolutely. For the product questions our “behind the scenes” information like your name and address is NEVER linked with your responses. We need this information, though, when you come back to the site to rate another product or to answer more questions about a rating you started but didn’t have time to finish. You complete the feedback questions completely anonymously. If you choose to answer research questions you will be given additional information about how your identity is protected. This protection is required by law for anyone who agrees to participate in research.

Why are there so many questions?

Because we have lots of ideas about WHY people use or don’t use equipment. We can only test our ideas if we get lots of people with similar characteristics answering the questions. Whether you are answering product questions or research questions you may stop at anytime and there is no penalty to you. We are happy that you take the time to give us whatever information you can or want to provide.

Can I report on more than one device?

Certainly, just one at a time. Basic information about your age or your reason for using the device will not be asked more than once.

What if I know someone who would like to do this but they do not have a computer?

Right now the Got-it? Project is not big enough to have a staff person devoted to asking the questions over the phone. We are planning on having this option in the future.

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